NTEX demolition recycling and civil construction



Client: NT Government – Department of Infrastructure Planning and Logistics
Location: Ludmilla NT
Year: 2021-2022
Budget: $1.4 million

  • Demolition and deconstruction of structures including the grandstand and other buildings, electrical services, large trees and removal of the concrete stockpile on site.
  • NTEX recycled the onsite concrete waste along with concrete from the MVR T20-1653 Demolition Project to make a Type 2, Type 3 and select fill material which the NT Government utilised for Stage 2 of the Richardson Park upgrade.

Significant costs savings and environmental benefits flowed from NTEX’s resource recovery strategies:

  • Project cost savings of approximately $130,000
  • Reduction in heavy truck movements on local roads & CO2 emissions
  • 4500 tonnes of waste concrete kept out of landfill & saving of finite resources
  • 98% overall waste resource recovery value for the project

Client Endorsement

NTEX programming of works was excellent with the finishing dates being focused on from the beginning. Demolition works were carried out in a very professional and safe manner, and Environmental Management was excellent for a site greatly affected by asbestos contamination. NTEX was able to use the concrete waste from the project and produce a type 2 material that will be used in the redevelopment of the site. The innovation techniques used will be a huge cost saving to the overall redevelopment project and an excellent example of how future local demolition projects should be undertaken.
Andrew Jacka
Department of Infrastructure Planning and Logistics (DIPL)(Superintendent)