NTEX demolition recycling and civil construction


Resource Recovery of Construction & Demolition Waste

Our mission is clear: we want to create a sustainable, circular economy for construction and demolition waste in the NT.

With around 32% of landfill being construction and demolition waste, we knew that level of dumping was unsustainable. So we’ve found ways to make this waste available for other purposes.

To overcome the challenge of reinforced metal bars limiting the reuse potential of waste concrete, we invested in innovative concrete crusher and recycler units. The units remove the reinforced metal bars allowing the crushed material to be repurposed in civil projects.

Hammbreaker concrete recycler

Concrete and Asphalt Recycling

Rubblemaster Concrete Recycler at our East Arm facility

The concrete crusher and recycler units are completely mobile, meaning they can be used on-site to reduce truck movements, and also enables us to sort out construction and demolition waste issues in regional and remote communities.

NTEX also has a facility in East Arm to enable concrete and asphalt crushing for projects that can’t be processed on site.

From waste concrete and asphalt, we can manufacture:
Hammbreaker concrete recycler processing waste asphalt – Shoal Bay
The benefits of recycling construction and demolition waste

Since July 2020, we’ve processed over 50,000 tonnes of concrete and asphalt waste material.

That’s 50,000 tonnes of waste out of landfill and being used in other civil projects.

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